Apply to become a location partner.

Our vision at Tribewanted is to build the world's best collection of off-grid community tourism experiences for independent travellers, families and groups.

We're always scouting new location opportunities.  

Why join the Tribe?
1. Increase your tourism bookings
2. Access to skilled-volunteers (i.e marine conservation, engineer etc..)
3. Funding for small community development projects (ie education, conservation, micro-enterprise etc...)
4. Become a part of the tribe and the future of off-grid community tourism!

Please answer these questions about you and your project. Thank you.

Project Website

Project location (please share google map link if possible)

GENERAL: What is the story behind your project; what is your vision, how did it start and who are the founders?

GENERAL: Why would you like to join the Tribewanted collection?

GENERAL: Describe in your words why you would like to part of the Tribewanted collection?

GENERAL: Describe your product.

GENERAL: Describe your accommodation, including amenities, capacity and star rating (if applicable).

GENERAL: What are the main activities and experiences on your project?

GENERAL: Describe the typical activities experience that your visitors have

GENERAL: What type of meals do you serve and are they included in your daily rate?

ENVIRONMENT: Describe how you minimise your environmental impact including your approach to waste, water and energy management.

ENVIRONMENT: Describe how you engage guests in your environmental work

ENVIRONMENT: What are the main local threats to biodiversity in your area and what initiatives are you involved in for their protection?

COMMUNITY: Describe your local community and how they receive benefits through your operations.

COMMUNITY: Do you create opportunities for members of your local community to sell products to your business and guests?

CULTURE: How does your project enhance and add value to local culture and heritage?

CULTURE: How do you ensure guests respect local culture?

EMPLOYMENT: How many local and international staff do you have in unskilled, skilled and managerial positions?

EMPLOYMENT: Do you provide your staff with a fair wage and benefits package that is compatible with or exceeds local standards?

EMPLOYMENT: What is your approach for the professional development of your staff?

BUSINESS: When did you open?

BUSINESS: Do you have all your commercial operating licenses?

BUSINESS: What is your current marketing strategy?

BUSINESS: Are you financially self sustaining, if not, when do you anticipate becoming so?

BUSINESS: Please outline your your rates (including activities) including any STO rates that you may offer.

BUSINESS: What is your guest accommodation capacity?

Finally, do you have any questions for us?

Thank you! We'll be in contact if we believe there is potential for a partnership.

Keep up the fantastic work!
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